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Climatein Florence !

Florence lies in the middle of a basin, surrounded by the Fiesole hills and, at further distance, the hilly territories of Chianti and Casentino.

This morphological aspect affects the climate of the city. In winter Florence is extremely cold, even though snow is rare. As opposed to that, summers are sultry and hot.

The best periods to visit Florence are spring and autumn, but even in these seasons cloudy days and rain can happen.
As for the tourist flow, school tours and tourist buses start crowding the city in spring, and by the month of May the first north European visitors begin to arrive. The months of  June, July and August register the highest presence of Italian tourists.

  • Early morning and dusk are the best moments to enjoy the city, due to lower presence of tourists and the better exposure. It is important to remember the opening times of churches and museums, which are normally included between 9 am and 18 pm.



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