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Florencein 6 days !

6 days tour

Day 1: North

Main attractions:

  • Academy
  • Church of Santa Maria Novella
  • Church of San Lorenzo and Medici Chapels (Cappelle Medicee)
  • San Marco
  • Santissima Annunziata
  • Ospedale degli innocenti
  • Cathedral
  • Palazzo Strozzi


Tour: from the train station go southward for just a few meters until you reach Piazza Unità d’Italia (here stands an obelisk). Take via del Melarancio. From here you get to piazza San Lorenzo, with the Church of San Lorenzo (the façade is uncompleted) and the Medici Chapels. Take the street opposite the church to access via Martelli. On the left corner stands the Medici Riccardi Palace. The church on the right is  San Giovannino degli Scolopi. Turn on the left and head north until you get to Piazza San Marco, with the homonymous church, the monastery (with paintings by Beato Angelico) and the ancient library.

Cross the square keeping the church on your left, then take via Ricasoli, direction south. On the left you find the entrance of the Academy. Here is kept the original statue of David by Michelangelo as well as other sculptures by Michelangelo, the so called Prisons.

Your visit proceeds onward in via Ricasoli, in north direction. Take the first street on the right into via Battistini until the square of the Santissima Anunziata. On the left you can admire the church of Santissima Annunziata. Opposite the church stands the arcade of the old orphanage Ospedale degli Innocenti, built upon a project by Brunelleschi and with decorations by Andrea della Robbia. Leave the hospital on your left and proceed onward into via dei Servi

The backside of the Cathedral will appear in front of you. Circumnavigate the Cathedral anticlockwise until you meet the Battistero.
Turn around the Battistero and take Via Roma which leads to Piazza della Repubblica. Cross the square (on the right coming from the Cathedral). Take Via Strozzi. In the second street on the left stands Palazzo Strozzi.

Day 2: south

Main attractions

Tour: from the train station go in south direction in Via dei Panzani first and then Via dei Cerretani until the Cathedral. With the Cathedral on your left and the Battistero on your right take the street in front of you. You are now in via Calzaiuoli.  After two intersections you will see on the right the backside of the church Orsanmichele.

The perimeter is composed by numerous statues, while the main entrance is on the opposite side of Via Calzaiuoli. As you can see from its aspect, the church was originally a market, then it was converted into a cult place after an epidemy. In fact, during the epidemy the population used to gather inside the covered market to celebrate ceremonies and minimize the risk of contagion.

Proceeding along via dei Calzaiuoli  you will get to Piazza della Signoria, where the view opens on the magnificent  Palazzo Vecchio. Left of the Palace stands the beautiful Fontana del Nettuno, a fountain which the Florentines call the "Biancone". Right of the Palace lies the Loggia dei Lanzi (also called Loggia d'Orcagna). Between Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia is the Uffizi Gallery.

Walk through the Gallery until you reach the river Arno, crossed by Ponte Vecchio. On the opposite side of the river stands Palazzo Pitti. From here you must go back to the bridge and then straight down Via Por Santa Maria. Halfway of the street lies the Porcellino Market. Turn right and reach Piazza della Signoria. Take the street between Palazzo Vecchio and the Neptune Fountain.  Go straight ahead onto Borgo dei Greci until Piazza Santa Croce. On this large square stands the church of  Santa Croce , where monumental tombs and sepulchres of illustrious persons are kept.

Day 3: Fiesole

Recommended visits:

  • churches and the Etruscan archaeological findings
  • NB: it is necessary to take the bus

Tour: from the train station take bus n.7 going to Fiesole. Here you can visit the church of San Francesco, San Domenico and some Etruscan archaeological findings. 

In correspondence of the bus stop in the main square stands the church of  San Domenico. Leave the church façade behind and take the ascending road which leads to the church of San Francesco. It is also possible to pass through the gardens. From the square go down the road on the left until you get to the Archaeological Park. 


Day 4: on the other side of river Arno

Main attractions:

  • San Frediano
  • Santo Spirito
  • Santa Maria del Carmine
  • Torrigiani Garden

Tour: from the train station in Piazza Santa Maria Novella go ahead until Via delle Belle Donne, then turn right in Via del Moro until Piazza Goldoni. Cross the bridge in Porta alla Carraia and take Via dei Serragli. Turn on the first street on the right Borgo San Frediano. This area is full of artisan shops. Take the first street on the left which leads to the church of Santa Maria del Carmine.

Leave the church behind you and take the road on the right, Via Santa Monica, then Via Sant' Agostino. Once you have reached Piazza Santo Spirito with the homonymous church take the road in front of you: Via delle Caldaie. Follow the road until the end and turn right into Via de' Serragli. Turn left to the Torrigiani Garden

Day 5 : relax and shopping

Recommended visits

  • Boboli Garden
  • The streets of Shopping

Tour: from the train station turn into Piazza Santa Maria Novella, then take Via delle Belle Donne. Turn on the first street on the right into Via del Moro until you get to Piazza Goldoni. Take Via della Vigna Nuova, one of Florence’s most famous and luxurious streets. Proceed until the end of this street into Via Tornabuoni, where the major international brands can be found At the end of the street toward north, turn right into via de’ Pecori. The third street on the right is Via Roma.

After Piazza della Repubblica follow via Calmala, at the end of which stands the Porcellino Market, a good place to buy leather goods.  Just behind the market stands a small bronze statue representing a wild pork. Tradition has it that caressing its forehead brings good luck.

Now follow Via Por Santa Maria, a street full of embroideries and laces shops. From here you can reach Ponte Vecchio, famous for the goldsmiths shops.
Go to  Boboli Garden to have a break from shopping.
If you still have money left to spend, go back to Piazza Signoria and follow one of these two itineraries:

1- take Via Calzaiuoli until the Cathedral. Take the left street behind the Battistero into Borgo San Lorenzo, where you can find a market and various shops selling leather goods, clothes, tapestries and souvenirs. 
2- with Palazzo Vecchio in front of you, take the street on the left, Borgo dei Greci, with many leather shops. Go straight until Piazza Santa Croce then turn left into Via Verdi. At the bottom of this street turn right into Via Pietrapiana. In the middle of the street stands the old flea market, surrounded by some workshops specialised in the manufacture of rushes goods.

Day 6: Chianti

Recommended visits

  • Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Certosa
  • Chianti

NB: it is necessary to go by car

Tour:  from your hotel follow the directions to Piazzale Michelangelo.  From the large square the view opens to the city and the river lying underneath. It is possible to reach the church of  San Miniato al Monte with the annexed cemetery. The church is visible from the city, and can be reached following the avenue in south direction and maintaining the city on the right side, until you get to the steps which lead to the church.

Take back the car and drive through Viale Galileo in westward direction to Galluzzo or Certosa. The Certosa convent is well worth a visit. Allow at least one hour.

After the visit of the convent take the Superstrada toward Siena and exit in Poggibonsi, then follow the directions to San Gimignano, a lovely medieval town which boasts tens of towers. Proceed toward Siena, with a possible stop in Monteriggioni, a village surrounded by medieval walls, and Certaldo, the hometown of Boccaccio. 



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